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Think big

Too many brands focus solely on their own little corner of the market. The Score reveals the whole picture meaning you won't miss opportunities to connect with customers on a deeper level

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The Score by Kokoro: Gain a deeper understanding of consumer mood and new behaviours with our powerful insights tool.

A study unlike any other

We've been gathering insights for four years, and it's safe to say we've revolutionised the industry. The Score surveys 2,000 people every week and tracks the lives of 50 households. Our study is the largest and most comprehensive in the UK. We don’t just provide insights - we provide a competitive edge

Find advantage with The Score

We specialise in joining the dots and crafting compelling stories from evidence that others might overlook. This sets us apart. It makes The Score an indispensable tool for ambitious brands wanting to make informed, winning decisions.

The Score by Kokoro: Your tool for informed decision-making and business growth

Raise the profile of customer insight within your company

Get a reality check that frees you from 'same old' thinking

Supercharge NPD by addressing consumer pain points

Put the customer at the heart of every business conversation

Ensure your comms feel in sync with current reality and future hopes

Identify new market opportunities with confidence

Foster a customer-centric culture - and boost engagement

Cut risk and uncertainty by basing decisions on real data and insights

Grow market share by outpacing your rivals at every turn

Understand what's really going on (not just what the papers say)

Address potential issues before these become major problems

Stay ahead of the curve and lead debate in your business

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