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Rocket fuel 

Our subscriptions help brands navigate what's next

Designed to suit all sorts of businesses from established blue-chip companies to  nimble brands with one-person teams



Designed for:

Lean teams who want to stay in touch with client sentiment


You're equipped with consumer sentiment - you'll know what's front of mind for the nation


Designed for:

Medium/large businesses wanting to put consumer at the heart of decisions 


You're bolstered by comprehensive consumer understanding - you'll drive debates forward


Designed for:

Big businesses seeking dynamite for trading and planning 


You're inspired by timely, rich insights - you'll ooze customer and lead decisions from trade to strategy

Product suite

Thoughtfully designed for all levels and personalities across your business 

Insight report

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Advanced headlines

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Live briefing

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Score Bitesize

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Consumer video

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Predicitons webinar

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Score Platform

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