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The narratives and needs to play to every week of the year

400,000+ responses over 4 years reveal a map of unspoken hopes and fears


Distilled into a complete map of the year, you'll know which cards to play, and when

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Brand compass 

Designed to give you a deeper understanding of what drives customer decisions throughout the year 

  • Informing strategy and in-flight tactics 

  • Elevating messaging, optimising campaigns

  • Crafting compelling value propositions ​

Stop guessing, start chiming

This blows your average events calendar out the water - less 'what's happening in the world', more 'what's happening to people and what do they want to hear about'

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Brought to you by the UKs largest weekly consumer study - these are the messages that win hearts and minds 

Start today

Businesses are already taking advantage of these insights - supercharging their strategy and supporting their marketing teams

We'd love to talk to you and share how our playbook can add value to your business 

You can get in touch to hear more, or download a free sample

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