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Failed health-kicks, fear for the NHS - how can brands help?

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Concerns about our health have risen markedly over recent times. Naturally, COVID remains a factor – with those fearful of catching it still on relatively high alert since the end of restrictions and isolation rules. However, we are also increasingly seeing more people who, while aware their physical health needs attention, admit to struggling to maintain healthy habits.

Health scares are getting more frightening

Health concerns are top of a list of fears about what is thought as likely to ‘go wrong’ with our lives in 2022, with several underlying reasons driving this perception:

  • Alongside using their gut to decide whether they’re ‘OK or not’, people view energy levels, sleep and weight as critical indicators. Significantly, many believe they’re ‘failing’ at these and thus feel unhealthy - a perception worsened by failure to fulfil hopes of a reset on pandemic bad habits

  • More so than usual, health-related New Year resolutions weren’t bothered with this year. The most common reason people cited was that they simply ‘didn’t feel up to it’ - stress considered the main barrier to hitting health-related goals

  • Trust in both the NHS and our local doctor has fallen considerably over the last year. This has exacerbated our fears around illness as we perceive the healthcare system to be less able to help

  • Concerns are highest around emergency care, including paramedics getting to you, being seen in a timely manner at A&E, and GPs doing home visits

  • Over the last 2 years many have witnessed or accumulated stories about terrifying situations involving friends and family

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Desperation for reassurance

The pressure placed on the healthcare system has been clear for all to see and it has rocked confidence in being able to see a doctor or, crucially, to receive adequate care when it’s needed.

The current situation is felt to increase the likelihood of misdiagnoses and delayed treatments. With any reforms likely years away, most think everything will get worse before it gets better.

As a result, people are being more proactive when it comes to visiting health professionals such as doctors, dentists, and opticians - as well as making more use of chemists.

It’s apparent that many really yearn for a ‘personal MOT’ - a check over to provide reassurance and a focus on where to aim future efforts.


How to win?

After several failed reset moments since the dawn of the pandemic, personal health is a very high priority. Improvement is craved and brands that offer friendly ways of driving/monitoring progress - with a focus on empowerment/self belief rather than quick fixes/hacks - will be well placed to spur customers onwards. 

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