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Holiday please!

Getaways are the thing we're willing to take on debt to get 

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For the past two years, over half of us missed out on a 'proper holiday' that we would have otherwise had; but really, it is not just a week away that we missed – it is a chance to reflect, reconnect with ourselves and others, and renew our ability to face into things. With drained energy tanks and increasingly bleak realities, we now ache more than ever to go away – and finally see a real opportunity to do so!

Size matters…

With travel restrictions scrapped, our holiday dreams look much different now than last year – and suddenly the Scarborough getaway that sounded divine 10 months ago now feels a compromise at best. What we really want is to go big and make up for lost time

  • Move aside, local! A holiday abroad is our main dream now – with bookings well surpassing last year’s levels

  • Europe and America look key for this year, providing a good option for everyone – either as a ‘safe choice’ or ‘big adventure’

  • Affluent families in particular want to make a big splash; so much so that they are packing itineraries full of variety and contrasting experiences to make up for lost time and create memories


Save? Credit? Whatever it takes!

For many, the tension between holidays and other spending is growing – and with the rising cost of living creating ever more anxiety, we look for ways to get away without the guilt.


Savvy choices convince us that it is a sensible financial decision – so it’s popular to monitor prices, buddy up on self-catering, and lay low for a few months to save up.


But really, our need for a holiday is so intense that, should all else fail, it is one of the few things we would be willing to take on debt for.

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Why is this feeling so hard?

It's not just the money! Planning holidays feels harder than ever. With many opting for something different from their usual (bigger family/friends groups, mixing holiday and homestay, opting for self catering) they find themselves without a blueprint.


Added to this are worries about of understanding the rules and correctly getting all their ducks in a row with COVID passes, vaccinations and documentation. Meanwhile, the fear of anyone in the group catching COVID at just the wrong moment adds a strain just before departure (so many play it safe with mini-lockdowns). 

The tension in the planning is inhibiting the anticipation.

How to win?

After jumping through so many hoops to be able to go abroad, an easy, pleasurable and quick experience is likely essential in encouraging people to take the plunge and book that trip.

And after rounds of cancellations that feel all too familiar in the COVID era, it can be challenging to gear ourselves up and not be at least slightly concerned about the possibility of yet another shattered dream – so consumers will benefit from brands that make their plans feel safe.

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