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Transforming consumer focus: a game-changing approach

The Score - a weekly insights service that helps you stay on top of ever-changing trends and anticipate your consumers' needs

Change before you're forced to


Unprecedented times. An over-used phrase but nonetheless true.

Do you really know what's going on? If you're not talking to people every week, we can guarantee you don't. 

Here are some of the things we've looked at recently:

  • soaring inflation and what people are doing to cope

  • healthy habits at a time of squeezed income

  • hopes and dreams for the year ahead against a cost-of-living crisis 

We follow every twist and turn.

The Score will show you how to adapt

Less barometer, more compass 

We hate monitoring and loathe looking back

The Score is in touch - and then a step ahead

The Score wins ambitious brands' attention because it maps the way forward


Pop your bubble

Trusting your gut is dangerous

It's not enough to say 'we're all in different boats'

You need to know what the boats look and feel like

And, crucially, where they're headed next 

The Score will put you in command

Ooze customer

We talk to over 2,000 consumers week in week out 

Our subscribers are more than well-informed 

They always have killer insights to share

They can guide with confidence 

And inspire teams to champion all things customer


See ahead

Fast and in tune

Always looking to what’s next 

Obsessed with navigating the next 18 months

The Score doesn't just react, it predicts


Get a life

Escape the hassle of patching data together

Cut through to insights fast
The Score offers everything you need in one place
We live and breathe every detail

You can focus on turning insight into action 


Know The Score

Find advantage

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Every Friday, straight to your inbox

The latest on consumer optimism

Their front-of-mind needs/wants

The risks to their spending behaviour 

How habits are changing

Raise the profile of customer insight 

Have better business conversations

Make decisions with confidence 

Make comms feel so right 

Supercharge your NPD

Feel confident

The sample of dreams - 2,000 every week 
Powerful insights within 24 hours of fieldwork

145 weeks of The Score experience under our belt 

An award-winning senior team 

One goal - predict what's next for consumers

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Next release: Friday 10th March 2023

Rocket fuel for ambitious brands

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Happy subscribers

The Score is an innovative but crucially flexible continuous pulse on the nation, the quality of storytelling is engaging and topical. We have been able to leverage it every week to make important decisions. A sign of a team thinking commercially.​

Naomi Kasolowsky​

Group Insight Director



Next release: Friday 10th March 2023

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