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Sailing on the Sunshine | 26th May 2023

Family enjoying the sun as consumer optimism rises

In a welcome turn of events, UK consumer optimism is up 3% points this week. The credit goes largely to the much-awaited improvement in weather, which has served to brighten our spirits considerably.


Embracing the Simple Life Under the Sun

As we had predicted, the sunshine has breathed new life into our 'simple life' tactics. The warm weather has brought with it a homely comfort that doesn't cost us in heating bills.

The sun as a source of happiness to cunsumers at the moment

Older Generation Finds Joy in Gardening

The largest gains in optimism are seen among the older demographic. This group has particularly enjoyed time spent in the garden, delighting in the resurgence of plants that have managed to survive the harsh winter frosts and last year's summer drought.

Inflation Falls to Single Figures: A Silver Lining?

Yesterday's headlines heralded a reduction in inflation to single figures. Although this news is likely to be welcomed, it's worth noting that a significant number of people still believe that prices are increasing substantially.

People's feelings towards prices is that they're still going up

The Unspoken Caveats

Despite this seemingly positive news, there are a couple of significant 'buts' attached. There's a growing sense of disconnect between food and general inflation, fuelling perceptions that supermarkets are capitalising on our pain. Also, at 8.7%, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) remains high and notably exceeds initial projections.

The Pinch After the Party

After a few weeks of increased spending owing to Bank Holiday fun, our pockets are feeling the pinch. Consequently, despite the promising weather and budding hopes of a 'fresh start', we're often left feeling too weary to truly buy into it.

The Quest for Newness

Unsurprisingly, we're seeking novelty. However, while higher-income individuals can satisfy this need through food, garden, and home enhancements, most people find their motivation fizzling out due to financial constraints.

Mixed Feelings About the Upcoming Half-Term

The upcoming half-term holiday is a mirror reflecting these sentiments. We're yearning for more activity and adventure, yet are apprehensive about our financial and energy reserves.

What parents want to do over the summer half-term is make new memories

Parents of Older Kids Face Tough Challenges

Parents of older children are feeling particularly daunted. The gap between their aspirations and financial realities, compounded by stress over exam preparations, paints a challenging picture.


To all businesses, understanding these consumer sentiments is crucial to informing your strategies and connecting with your audience. Let's tap into this wave of optimism and create positive experiences for our customers.

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