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Exploring the Sunny Side | 9th Jun 2023

Girls enjoying ice cream outside, enjoying the sun

Despite the changing social and economic landscape, the UK consumer optimism has managed to stay steady at 30%. Our gratitude for the ongoing good weather cannot be overstated, as it continues to offer us a taste of low-cost freedom and freshness. Plus, the added bonus of reduced energy expenditure brings a welcome relief to our wallets.


The Power of Social Connection

One of the delightful side-effects of the fine weather is the sense of community it fosters. From observing others relishing in the sunshine to the inviting aroma of a neighbour's BBQ, these simple pleasures create a strong momentum of positive sentiment among us.

Sun-Boost for Older Consumers

The biggest beneficiaries of this sunny streak are our older consumers. Those fortunate to have outdoor spaces and gardens are finding them a true oasis, offering a much-needed change of scene and bringing added vibrancy to their days.

People have been experiencing less low mood and feelings of hoplessness

Sunshine Enhances Half-Term Fun

For families, the sunny weather has been a blessing for the half-term break. Regardless of income level, plenty of low-cost fun activities were available, ensuring everyone could enjoy their time off.

Higher Income Groups Leverage Financial Flexibility

Those in higher income brackets leveraged their greater financial flexibility to maximise their enjoyment. They were more likely to take a break, indulge in trips out, and enjoy meals out.

"The seaside really is magical, it’s sort of reset us all… me most I think"

The Impact of the Phil & Holly Scandal

The Phil and Holly scandal has proven to be a double-edged sword. While some people were absorbed by the drama, others were turned off, believing the media had blown it out of proportion and there were far more important matters to concentrate on.

Modest Plans for Father's Day

With Father's Day looming, the trend seems to be leaning towards modest celebrations. Echoing the trends seen on Mother's Day, staying in and adhering to traditions are in favour.

Hopes for Father's Day 2023 is to keep it modest and play it safe

Keeping it Simple for Dad

Despite its importance, Father's Day is typically less celebrated than Mother's Day. The majority plan to mark the occasion with a card and a small gift, with alcohol often being the 'go-to' choice for fathers.


Businesses that understand and adapt to these UK consumer trends will find themselves well-positioned to navigate their future direction. Let's continue to ride this wave of optimism, engaging our audiences and creating a positive customer experience.

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