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2 years of smaller than usual Christmases - where

(alongside a little heartbreak), many found silver linings: fewer obligations, less stress, new traditions, more me-time and a smaller bill at the end of it all

After a taste of the simple life and with cost-of-living weighing heavy - what does Christmas 2022 hold?

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The heads up on Christmas

Each week we unpick the mood of the nation and consumers' emerging needs better than anyone else. We call it – The Score

The Score offers a range of regular subscriptions, but at Christmas we do something special - and offer a slice of The Score to help you and your business see ahead and navigate the toughest quarter 

Christmas predictions: OUT NOW! 

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Got you covered

Everything from big-picture planning to in-flight adaptations

Start in summer and chase the story through to predicting needs in 2023

2022 predictions 

Out now!

When will we get going?

What Christmas do we dream of?

How big will we go?

Where will we look to cut back?

What spend will we protect at all costs?

Dream vs. reality

18th Nov

How are we spending?

How are dream home/gifts going?

Which ads are getting remembered?

Which messages drive momentum?

Which offer mechanics are working?

The dream

16th Sept

How is our dream changing?

How big? How many people at the table?

What could encourage a splurge?

Hopes for dinner, gifts, home & socials?

What/when will consumers plan/spend?

Final mile

9th Dec

What’s spent and where will the rest go?

Will we bank or spend any savings?

What are the plans we settle on?

How is our dream for meals/food going?

What shortcuts will we revert to?

Preparations underway

21st Oct

Which messages resonate?

Which brands are standing out?

What £/% of wallet is spent/still to go?

Will Black Friday be big?

How are we shopping food/home/gifts?

Lessons for 2023

13th Jan

Who was happy with the Xmas they got?

Which aspects will we cling to next year?

What do we hope for in 2023?

Where will we put our spend and energy?

What are priorities for the first quarter?

6 reports

Brilliant value

Huge sample sizes - 2,000 per week

+4 years benchmark data on Christmas

Dedicated senior team

Cherry-picked Christmas


Pay as you go,

per report

Complete Christmas


Access all 6 reports

Complete quarter


Access all 6 reports

Plus, fortnightly subscription for Oct, Nov and Dec to The Score 


Christmas predictions: OUT NOW!

Trusted by 30+ of the UK's most ambitious brands

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