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The Score: Your resource for monitoring consumer confidence weekly.
Stay updated on consumer confidence with The Score's weekly insights.

True rigour

Robust 2,000 online surveys every week 

Qualitative community of 30 UK households 

24 months of benchmark data 

Expert, dedicated senior researchers 

24 months of

benchmark data

Adapts to life

70% of what we cover is ever-present - so there's a regular drumbeat of information

We then flex the rest as the story unfolds to bring you deep dives into key topics or insight on emerging issues

At the moment we're constantly examining the many choices consumers are making in their post-pandemic, fast-developing cost-of-living life.

Monitor trends in consumer confidence with The Score's weekly study.


survey responses to date

Keep a pulse on consumer confidence with The Score's weekly insights.

Fast, really fast

We deliver powerful insights within 24 hours of fieldwork - with full briefings landing each Friday

We're always one step ahead on key issues - so nothing is a curveball 

Experience The Score and you'll never have felt more in step with the pulse of the nation

The Score joins the dots in the evidence 

We spot opportunities and craft the story

The Score provides a narrative, not a list of facts

'Storyteller' might be an overused term, but it's true

Powerful insight

The Score by Kokoro: Your tool for tracking consumer confidence weekly.
Understand shifts in consumer confidence with The Score's weekly study.

See the whole picture

Every week we chase the stories that matter most, and uncover how customers feel, think and act

Because we start consumer first, we unearth brand opportunities on a huge range of topics - from the cost-of-living crisis to health woes, summer holiday plans to telly time, everyday grocery shopping to celebrations

We don't just explore a lot, we explore all the time - so you know you're always basing decisions on the latest

So what do I actually get?

Good question! We have a mix of outputs, designed for every audience preference - you can choose as many or as few as you like

Fast read

Navigate consumer confidence trends with The Score's comprehensive insights.

Full read

The Score: Offering real-time tracking of consumer confidence.

Video bulletin

The Score by Kokoro: Tracking consumer confidence, weekly.

Vox pops

Stay ahead of consumer confidence trends with The Score's weekly insights


Analyse consumer confidence with precision using The Score's weekly study

Next release:  Friday 21st April 2023

When we say fast, we mean it

A week in the life of The Score

Saturday - Wednesday

Get a pulse on consumer confidence with The Score's weekly insights

Data and headlines

Follow consumer confidence trends closely with The Score's weekly insights

Full insights

The Score: Reliable weekly tracking of consumer confidence.

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