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Access insights today

Become one of the growing list of brands who enjoy the advantage The Score gives them

Packages have been carefully developed to suit all sizes and types of business


Powerful insights, fast

From expertly designed story reports to engaging customer video, plus a portal that grants access to all data, we've got you covered

Fast read


Full read

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Video bulletin


Vox pops

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Brilliant value

Real-time consumer sentiment without the eye-watering price

Access huge sample sizes which would be out of reach if any brand tried it alone

Get the benefit of the huge range of benchmarks set by 200,000 interviews over the last 2 years

Feel inspired by the predictive powers of the senior team behind The Score

Make your team shine by always being the most informed people in the business

Perform your own analysis using our intuitive yet hugely powerful self-serve portal


Subscriptions to suit every need

From blue-chip heavyweights to lean, nimble brands, we offer packages tailored to your needs and budget 


Here are 4 of our most popular subscriptions 


£500 per month

Key monthly insights


£2,500 per month

Monthly insights


£4,500 per month

Fortnightly insights


£6,500 per month

Weekly insights 


Find out more

Let's talk about how The Score could rocket fuel your business 

We're on hand to answer your questions, show you more about what The Score can offer and find a package right for you

Next release: Friday 24th March 

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